Intro to Artificial Intelligence
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
[Spring 2020]

Course Description

This course provides a broad technical introduction to the tools, techniques and concepts of artificial intelligence. The course will focus on methods for automating decision making under a variety of conditions, including full and partial information, and dealing with uncertainty. Students will gain practical experience writing programs that use these techniques to solve a variety of problems.

Topics include: problem solving (search spaces, uninformed and informed search, games, constraint satisfaction), principles of knowledge representation and reasoning (propositional and first-order logic, logical inference, planning), and representing and reasoning with uncertainty (decision theory, reinforcement learning).

Location and Time

Mon/Wed 2:00PM - 3:15PM, Communication 214


Prof. Clayton T. Morrison
  • Email: claytonm at email dot arizona dot edu
  • Office: Harvill 437A
  • Office Hours: Fridays 10am-11am (Except Feb 14, Apr 10)
    (email 12hrs ahead of time!)

David Sidi
  • Email: dsidi at email dot arizona dot edu
  • Office: Harvill 456
  • Office Hours: Mondays and Tuesdays 10am-11am (email 12hrs ahead of time!)